Rejuvenating Jojoba Oil O2

with Organic Jojoba Oil and Natural Vitamin E.

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    • Jojoba Oil O2 perfectly encapsulates the philosophy of Facetheory - the simplest of ingredients blended to produce superb products for your skin.
    • Jojoba Oil can enhance the skin's natural repair barrier, stimulate collagen production and better defend skin against UV damage. Jojoba Oil has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties - it contains myristic acid which acts as an inflammatory agent.
    • Made with 100% Organic Jojoba Oil that is extracted from seed by mechanical pressing. Jojoba is a wonderfully stable oil and is suitable for the vast majority of skin types. Recommended for sensitive and damaged skin.
    • Packaged in an amber glass bottle to stop light from oxidizing the oil.  Also contains a dropper so it's easy to dispense without waste.
    • Organic Jojoba Face Oil O2 contains Naturally-derived Vitamin E (1%) with all four types of tocopherol: alpha, beta, gamma and delta.
    • Natural - paraben-free, no sillicates, polyethylene glycols (PEGS) or mineral oils and not tested on animals. Blended in the UK.

    A natural organic face oil.Face Oil O2 is a blend of 99% Organic Jojoba Oil blended with 1% Natural Vitamin E to provide a hit of skin-loving hydration. Packaged in a protective amber glass bottle with a dropper to avoid waste, this face oil is a wonderfully soothing face oil that benefits most skin types.

    This stuff is a miracle worker! I've now been using this for just over a month and finally my skin is pretty much clear.

    Caitlin - February 2018
    Skin type suitability

    Sensitive, dry, and combination skin. Even though it's a face oil people have found it great for acne-prone skin due to it's ability to mimic natural sebum: the theory is it tricks sebum glands into thinking they've produced enough oil, causing a reduction in breakouts.

    Active Ingredients
    Jojoba Oil
    A natural emmollient oil extracted from the Jojoba seed by mechanical pressing.
    Natural Vitamin E
    Vitamin E is a clever fat-soluble vitamin that hydrates and repairs your skin, leaving it full and fresh. The Vitamin E in O1 is derived naturally and contains alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocopherols.
  • Warm two drops of oil in your hands and apply to your face and neck. Use before a moisturiser or on its own for an extra shot of hydration.
  • Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil (organic), Tocopherol (1% naturally drived)

  • ColourYellow clear
    Fatty acids Oleic - 9%
    Palmitoleic - 0.3%
    Palmitic - 1.3%
    Eicosenoic - 72%
    Behenic - 0.05%
    Erucic - 15%
    Nervonic - 1.7%
    Rheology / GlidePourable, easy to apply
    Extraction Method Cold pressed
    Odour Slightly nutty

4.76 Average

70 Reviews


Fabulous product I mix a few drops with my usual moisturizer and my skin looks and feels hydrated. I will be purchasing again.

Brontë Smyth-Hyde

I'm so happy I bought this, feels so lightweight on my skin and keeps it hydrated all day. My skin is looking so much clearer after just a couple weeks.


This is great prouduct to cleanse your skin before going to bed and also I just add a drop to my night cream. My skin is dehydrated so in the morning my skin look alive and refreshed




Love this product, It's left my skin feeling awesome. No more dry skin problem during winter!

Hannah Kilby

I have oily skin and this has done wonders for it! I use it morning and evening and my make up sits great on top of it, just need to give it enough time to soak into my skin.

John Devin

My skins now feels and looks perfect.


Amazing product


Lovely oil not too heavy my skin is now much smoother and pores seem clearer than when I use creams to moisturise nice big bottle great for other dry dry areas on body too

Georgia Margariti

Very good product. It leaves a nice texture on the skin.

Judith Cheetham

Lovely, smooths on well, followed by night cream. Leaves skin soft the following morning


Love love love it!!

Samantha Cornelius

Reasonably priced and feels lovely on my skin, sinks in faster than you would think as it is a little greasy when you first put it on. I hardly ever get dry patches now.


Amazing oil for mature skin, does not clog pores and is very light. Great results so far

Julia Balczynska

Lovely product. Having combination skin, I was worried that it would make my along very oily but I've found that it's actually helped reduce oiliness! A lot less heavy than I expected and I'm very impressed.

Tina Morris

Love this oil. I also use it on my legs after shaving as it stops any soreness


I have acne prone skin and I’ve found this to be a really good alternative for moisturiser as it doesn’t clog my pores. I put it on in the evening and I wake up with really soft, healthy looking skin. I’ve had it for a couple of weeks using it every day and the amount of product has barely gone down, so it’s good value for money aswell!


I was very impressed with this product. I used it on my neck and saw an improvement (less wrinkly skin) within days. I then decided to use it on my hands, which have been very sore due to the cold weather we have been having and again saw an instant improvent. I will definetly be buying this again.

Tom Gordon

Absolute essential as a night oil. Noticed effects after 4-5 days. Acts as a defence to Autumn-Winter breakouts really well.


This oil is lovely! Feels almost light on a skin, not heavy and greasy as you would imagine for an oil (in comparason to let’s say coconut oil, which I have also tried but no longer use). I use it on my face, after the shower all over the body and in my hair (with the light hand there). I am surprised how much i like this oil.


Fine for moisturising but caused me repeated break out


I love this oil,as soon as I started to use it I could see the difference, calmer more nourished skin .Beautiful natural product that is excellent for my sensitive skin , that will only tolerate pure natural quality products , very happy

teresa gorka

I have been using this jojoba oil for about a week now and i absolutely love it. my skin is much softer and more hydrated. this is a big bottle so will last for a long while. smells lovely as well


This stuff is a miracle worker! I've suffered with very oily, acne prone skin since my early teens. I'm now in my early twenties and no skincare product has ever worked to get rid of my spots. Decided to try jojoba oil as I'd heard mostly good things (though some horror stories) and settled on Facetheory because the ingredients seemed to be high quality. I've now been using this for just over a month and finally my skin is pretty much clear. I still get the odd spot, but they're tiny and go away in a day. It hasn't calmed my oil production, but nothing ever has, and if I had to choose between the jojoba oil fixing my acne or my oily skin, I'd choose the acne! Overall, this product has been a life saver.



Really brightens up the skin leaving a fresh look. Quality packaging.


Very effective product! I massage a few drops on my face before applying my night cream and always wake up with really rested and smooth skin.

Georgia Venner

I put this on at night and can notice a difference in the morning in terms of softness and reduction of redness in my skin


The product is great. My acne scars are lightening day by day